Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How To Make Your Takedowns Twice as Effective!

Here's a golden tip if you are looking to improve takedown speed and effectiveness...

How to Make Your Takedowns Twice as Effective!

When you are going for a takedown, you use a combination of muscles. Of course you use the muscles of the hamstrings, glutes and lower back. These 'posterior chain muscles' come from crouching as you prepare to 'shoot in' on your opponent.

You also use your back muscles, and the muscles of the arms and 'hands.' The back muscles work along with your grip to 'pull the leg in.'

Along with your posterior chain muscles you need to get the back muscles and your grip super-strong. If you want to get your back incredibly strong try using 'wrist straps.' Wrist straps are a nylon piece of material that loop around the wrists, and are then wrapped around the bar or handle when performing back exercises. They give you a stronger grip, and prevent the bar or handles from slipping out of your hands. Your back muscles are stronger than the muscles that allow you to grip, so using wrist straps will immediately allow you to train pullups, chinups, rows, shrugs, and any other back exercises with more intensity. Getting your back muscles stronger will help wrestlers 'finish' their takedowns better.

As far as your grip strength...? Use the thick bar for curls, reverse curls, and presses. The thick bar will give you a grip of steel!


That's all for this week...

Steve Preston

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