Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's the day...

So I've been mentioning in previous posts that I am going to be putting together a DVD to show you exactly how I have wrestlers cut weight... without losing any strength or energy.

Well... today's the day!

I've finally got the time, I've got the foods, I've got the supplements, I've got the entire layout... AND I've got some sort of bronchial infection... TOTALLY SUCKS!

Don't worry... I figure if wrestlers can tough out the season, starving themselves, dehydrating themselves, and beating the snot out of their bodies for months at a time, I can tough it out and finish this DVD with or without a bronchial infection!

I'll spend the rest of the week editing it and getting it ready for you to see how easy it is to keep strong and energetic while cutting weight... and while eating tons of good food too!

Look for it just after Christmas!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Cutting Weight for Wrestling and Injuries!

Did you know that when you cut weight you are twice as likely to get injured in wrestling?

It's true...

The process of cutting weight can leave a wrestler completely open for injuries. It has to due with being over-trained and under-nourished.

Wrestlers tend to cut weight by reducing their food to very small amounts or none at all. Then they dehydrate their bodies by avoiding water... and even using saunas, spitting, and plastics while jogging.

This crap is for the birds... You can't possibly compete as well as an athlete under these stress conditions. Your body simply won't allow it.

So what can you do about it??

The answer lies in doing just the opposite of what you think you know to be true...

Instead of starving your body, be sure to get 5 or 6 meals in daily that consist of 'nutrient-dense' foods. These are foods that contain tons of useful calories that your body can use for fuel.

This will keep your blood sugar stable. You need this because your body will use fat as fuel, not muscle. When wrestlers starve themselves to make weight, they then binge after making weight. This binge eating is a result of the body 'freaking out' because you've been denying it nutrition... and it has been eating your own muscle for energy.

The problem with this post-weighing-in binge, is that your body will crave crap foods because it wants calories, and you tend to give it crap food to satisfy the cravings. The problem continues because you aren't giving your body the nutrition it needs... simply empty calories. This vicious cycle adds body fat and catabolizes lean muscle tissue.

The result is a weakened condition, leaving you susceptible to injury...

When you eat nutrient dense foods, you will be able to eat more food than ever and still make weight! This is because nutrient-dense foods keep the blood sugar stable, as well as the hormone levels and leptin in the muscle cells. You also keep the muscle cells full of glycogen, giving you the muscular energy you need on the mat.

In a few weeks I'll be releasing my new weight-cutting for wrestling DVD. It will give you a blue-print for cutting weight. Until then let me know if you have questions...


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