Saturday, October 11, 2008

2 Day Per Week Inseason Power and Strength Workout for Wrestlers!

2 Day Per Week Inseason Strength and Power Program!************************************************
This program is geared towards upper high schoolwrestlers… I’ll be blogging on how to train youthand college wrestlers too. Stay tuned!


Follow this 2 day per week program to keep your muscle andstrength during your inseason or heavy wrestling training periods.

Day 1

Power Cleans - 3×3 90 seconds rest
Barbell Squat - 2×5 90 seconds rest
Barbell Rows - 2×5 90 seconds rest
Weighted Dips - 2×5 90 seconds rest
Russian Twists - 2×8 90 seconds rest

Day 2

Chinups - 2xmax reps 60 second rest
Glute/Ham Raise - 2×10 90 second rest
Barbell Shrug - 2×10 90 second rest
Close Grip Floor Bench Press - 2×8 - 90 second rest
Weighted Crunches - 2×10 60 second rest

This program can be performed on 2 non-consecutive days per week.

Try to do one of the programs the day after you compete so asnot to make you sore for your match.

Have a great week!

Steve Preston

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