Monday, November 3, 2008

What do wrestling conditioning and Mac computers have in common?

Last week as I was trying to upload a file to my computer it went blank...


I was pissed too... I knew that the computer was getting older. I knew that it was slow compared to the new computers out there. I also knew that I was just buying time before I would need to get with the times and cough up the cash for a new one!

So my wife Michelle and I went to a few local store to check out computers. I couldn't believe how things have changed in just 3 years. Computers that are literally half as much as what we paid for our computer 3 years ago had twice as much memory... along with so many more gadgets and gizmos...

We then began to look at the Mac computers... Let me tell ya', within 5 minutes I looked at my wife and said,"I'm convinced... let's buy this Mac right now!"

This Mac computer is the Rolls Royce of computers.

It has more power!

It is faster!

It is more durable!

It is almost immune from viruses!

The funny thing was when I thought about how similiar this Mac computer is to my new '6 Minute Conditioning' program for wrestlers...

My '6 Minute Conditioning' program for wrestlers helps you because :

  • It gets you stronger
  • It gets you faster
  • It gets you more conditioned
  • It prevents injuries
  • It is simple to use
  • Anyone can use it
  • It is 'state of the art' in its effectiveness

By taking the time to learn more about the needs of wrestlers, I was able to create a program similiar to Mac that helps the consumer do all the things they need to do without anything complicated.

Sometimes it pays to get with the times. By having a computer that allows me to do so much more with Multimedia, I'll be able to give my members at Wrestling Performance even more one on one coaching as well as provide more killer video to get them in top condition...

When you use the 6 Minute Conditioning program for wrestlers you will be state of the art. You will get natural hormone-release from the training program... which in turn will get you stronger, faster and better conditioned fast... in 2 weeks.


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