Sunday, November 9, 2008

3 Training Tips to Get Into Wrestling Condition Fast!

Here are 3 training tips that will get you into total condition this season...


1.  Use a 2 Exercise Combination     If you are training for wrestling and are using only your body weight then you need 2 types of exercises.  You should use a multi-joint, compound exercise.  These are body weight exercises (or with weights) that require your body to move from more than one joint - neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, hips.  Some examples of body weight, compound exercises are:

  • Burpees
  • 8 Count Bodybuilders
  • Jumping Squats
  • Lunge Variations (with Horizontal Retractions, Vertical Retractions and Twists)
  • Mountain Climbers
You should also perform static contraction exercises.  These are exercises that force your muscles to contract, without movement.  Essentially, you hold a position for a required amount of time, or to failure... whichever comes first.  Here's a program that shows you how to do these exercises.

2.  Time Is On Your Side     No one would argue that wrestlers need to have a lot of intensity in their training.  Intensity comes in different forms when we're talking about proper training for wrestlers in order to meet their strength and conditioning goals. 

One of the least-used, yet most important intensity methods is the use of 'time.'  You can increase intensity simply by doing the same amount of work in less time.  


You can also time your sets... but I don't like this method.  It requires that you perform a set for a certain amount of time, and your goal is to do as many repetitions as possible during this time.  This results in performing the exercise too fast... resulting in half-assed form and poor results.


One of the best methods is to perform only a few repetitions in each set... let's say no more than 5.  You then start your stopwatch and let it go for 6 minutes... the same amount of total time in a wrestling match.  You then perform 5 repetitions of a compound  exercise, followed immediately by a static contraction exercise for a predetermined amount of time... let's say 20 seconds.

After a few minutes you will be struggling to get 5 repetitions to due to the number of sets depleting your muscles stored glycogen, along with the lactic-acid buildup.  

This is a great way to get strong for wrestling...

3.  Use Bodyweight Plyometrics     While you are getting yourself strong for the season, you can simultaneously increase your speed and power by selecting the correct exercises in your training plan.

I'm a big fan of bodyweight-only plyometrics in the training plan of all wrestlers!

Exercises such as Jumping Squats, Plyometric Pushups, Burpee Squats are all good examples of what you might want to include in your wrestling-specific training regimen.  They produce a good carry-over of power and performance on the wrestling mat when done correctly.

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