Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Perfect Weight-Cutting Food for Wrestling!

If you are a wrestler who cuts weight you must be extra careful to make sure you eat properly. One of the best foods you can eat when cutting weight is cottage cheese.

But I don't mean just eating cottage cheese.  I mean having it as your last meal of the day... right before you go to bed.  

Cottage cheese is a quality source of low-fat protein.

By having it as a pre-bedtime snack when cutting weight, it will give your muscles a steady stream of amino acids while you sleep.  This steady stream of amino acids will feed your muscles while you sleep, and prevent the muscle breakdown and weakness associated with traditional weight-cutting.

If you're not cutting weight, you can mix cottage cheese with yogurt before bed and it will be a complete meal.

If you're cutting weight, you won't want the yogurt due to the sugars in it... and that won't be advised right before bed.

The taste of cottage cheese (lowfat version) can get on your nerves, so I'd suggest adding salsa, or salt and pepper for taste. (sea salt and ground black pepper)

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