Tuesday, September 8, 2009

3 Great Exercises for Building Wrestling Strength Fast!

1. 'Negative-Only Reverse Close-Grip Chinups' - That's a mouthful. Let's break it down. You use a chinup bar. Take an underhand grip, with hands about 8-12 inches apart. Use a chair to boost yourself over the bar. Lower yourself in 10 seconds to a hanging stretch. Immediately step up on the chair and boost yourself to the top again. Repeat. Continue until you can't lower yourself in any more than 6 seconds. Use extra weight around your waist with a dipping belt if necessary. Watch your takedowns improve tremendously by getting stronger on this one!  

2. 'Negative-Only Dips' - Hold yourself at the top position on a dipping bar with arms straight. You should be hanging with arms locked straight. Lower yourself in 10 seconds. Immediately climb back to top and again lower in 10 seconds. Repeat. Continue until it becomes impossible to lower in any more than 6 seconds. The use of negative-only training will 'kick-start' some serious strength gains. Just make sure you use it sparingly. No more than 2 weeks straight, and only 4 times a year.  

3. 'Bottom Squats' - Using an Olympic Barbell, perform a regular barbell full depth squat. As you rise up out of the bottom, stop when you are 1/2 way up. Lower yourself to the bottom squat position again, and repeat. These are incredible for working on the hip strength that is so vital in most every wrestling move you perform! Throw these exercises in the mix for about 3 weeks. I promise you your strength will jump up quickly if you're working hard, and using perfect form.

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