Sunday, July 12, 2009

Jump-Start Your Takedown Speed!

If you've read my stuff or been a member of Wrestling Performance 
then you know I'm a big fan of using the Reverse Hyperextension with wrestlers and combat athletes in order to develop mat speed.

The Reverse Hyperextension is unique in that it works the posterior chain area without putting the lower back in a dangerous, compromising situation...

However... not all gyms are equipped with a Reverse Hyperextension machine.  Therefore, you can make your own to use anywhere...

All you need is a Stability Ball... Check it out below:

Hyper on Ball
Low back
Exercise Description:
Hyper on Ball
Low back
1. Start by placing the ball on a small ledge or on the floor if the height is comfortable.
2. Lean over the ball and secure yourself to an object with your hands.
3. Slowly lift your legs up and back until your body is parallel.
4. Return to the starting position and repeat for the desired repetitions.

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