Monday, December 22, 2008

Today's the day...

So I've been mentioning in previous posts that I am going to be putting together a DVD to show you exactly how I have wrestlers cut weight... without losing any strength or energy.

Well... today's the day!

I've finally got the time, I've got the foods, I've got the supplements, I've got the entire layout... AND I've got some sort of bronchial infection... TOTALLY SUCKS!

Don't worry... I figure if wrestlers can tough out the season, starving themselves, dehydrating themselves, and beating the snot out of their bodies for months at a time, I can tough it out and finish this DVD with or without a bronchial infection!

I'll spend the rest of the week editing it and getting it ready for you to see how easy it is to keep strong and energetic while cutting weight... and while eating tons of good food too!

Look for it just after Christmas!


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Datta said...

Sir your this blog is veri good. iam very impressed. iam from india, Small Village. there is many wrestler. but there is no good coach. my 2 brother wrestler. but i some help from you. what is daily programme for wrestler.

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